Bumper off, CAMPN looks weird - Photo: David
With no bumpers, CAMPN looks weird - Photo: David
With no bumpers, CAMPN looks weird – Photo: David

This is for sure not a how to, but more of some thoughts and things that happened to me with replacing both my front and rear bumpers of my 1973 Campmobile. As with doing any work on these beasts, there are A LOT of opinions and everyone has the “right” one.

When I started my research, I remembered the T2bs that I had seen in Brazil and I had no question that I was going to get some after market ones built in Brazil. I just loved the history that Brazil has with the bus and I wanted CAMPN to have some of that history.

You can order them from a number of places, but I got my front bumpers (211707111J) and rear bumpers (211707311K) from BusDepot.com. I read beforehand that often people need to spend sometime hammering out the rear bumper to make it fit it into the bracket, but not me. I accidentally backed into a stump a few years back, so maybe it was that? Either way, I was happy.

I ended up just using your standard Rustoleum spray on primer and white paint and even just a few months later, I wish I went with something a bit hardcore. Will have to wait for the re-paint. Overall, very happy and that front bumper gives CAMPN his smile, so he at least has a straight and bright white one of those!

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